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Living life in a constant fear of being attacked by the scorpion of death is no more a way of live. A strong light of hope has come over to vanquish the unworldly disease and in that shimmering light even the darkness of its shadow loses its existence. A new dawn has arrived. Come Let's defeat all that is dark and move towards the light that is awaiting for us.


  • For Registration at the centre, following DOCUMENTS of the CANCER patients are required:
    • Copies of Tests and investigation Reports, ascertaining CANCER.
    • Copies of the details of Earlier and Present CANCER Treatments.
    • A brief illness history, along with the present Health Status and problems of the patient.
    • A bust size recent photograph of the patient.
  • Either these Documents may be brought in person OR by a caretaker, OR Scanned copies of these document e-mailed to our mail id.
  • After reviewing the Condition of the Patient, Treatment taken so far OR continuing now, and the present problems of the patients from the above mentioned Documents and Illness history etc., Ancient Ayurveda Treatment is either given in person at the centre, or sent through Courier Service .
  • D.S. Research Centre is day care clinic , it does not function like a hospital or a nursing home. So, there is no facility here for examination or emergency services of a patient or his /her stay here.
  • Centre compulsorily expects a brief MONTHLY written Report, either directly from their caretakers, PERTAINING to the following points:
    • Patient's personal Inner feelings and perception after taking the doses of Ancient Ayurveda Treatment.
    • What the Patient's caretakers feel and observe, about their Patient's general condition and regarding their problems etc.
    • Any Marked Improvement or Deterioration during the Reported Period.
    • Copy of any Such Test or Investigations etc., if so carried out during this period.
  • In accordance to their nature, most forms of CANCER has an inclination for a freckles advancement/ growth, but in spite of it, Generally within period of Eight to Twelve weeks, Ancient Ayurveda Treatment checks/ prevents its further advancement in most of the cases , its seen during clinical studies.
  • Cancer Patients taking Ancient Ayurveda Treatment and also their caretakers feel &observe these phenomenal happenings/ changes of very positive and Marked Improvements. Accordingly at certain time intervals, the Patients are advised by Ayurvedacharya to get themselves Examined at any diagnostic Centre/ Hospitals.
  • With constantly such Check-ups and investigations Reports shows improvement, and as well as the Patient also does not report any problem and Inconvenience, but otherwise feel energized and normal, our Aurvedacharya adviced further step.


Varanasi :

PH. +91 9984014141/ +91 542 2394141 / 2276098
FAX-+91 542 2394142
Email: varanasi@dsresearchcentre.org

Kolkata :

Kolkata D. S. Bhawan
P-26,C.I.T.Road,Scheme-VI M
PH: +91 33 4016 4141
FAX: +91 33 4016 4146
Email: kolkata@dsresearchcentre.org

Guwahati :

PH: +91 361 2654140/2654144/6014141
FAX: +91 361 2654151
Email: guwahati@dsresearchcentre.org

Bangalore :

53,Shirdi Sai Mandir Road
Cambridge Layout
Bangalore: 560008
Ph:+91 80 4341 4141
Fax:+91 80 4341 4143
Email: bengaluru@dsresearchcentre.org

Mumbai :

1B, 32 Corporate Avenue
Mahakali Caves Road
Andheri East, Mumbai-400093
( Near paper box industry )
PH: +91 22 4248 4141
FAX: +91 22 4248 4142
Email: mumbai@dsresearchcentre.org

Agartala :

28, Gorkha Basti
Kunjaban, Agartala
Tripura(West)- 799006
Phone +91 381 2304303
Email: dsrctripura@gmail.com

Hyderabad :

D.S. Research Centre
Delta Seacon (B104),
Road No.-11 (Opposite lane of Care Hopsital)
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 500034
Phone +91 040 46664141
Email: hyderabad@dsresearchcentre.org