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Lord Buddha once mentioned about ‘Sanatan Dharma”(eternal religionan)and set up an objective for life:“Na hi bairahshamyantikadachana, abairena cha shamyantiha; eshadharmahsanatana” (Enmity can not quietenenimity. It can be ended without enmity. This is the essence of “Sanatan Dharma”).

The message of Lord Budha had nothing to do with D.S. Research Centre , but this certainly concerned life, and was a dependable witness. It was a matter of giving poison- using treatment system a wide hearth and giving impetus to health. The decision to use poison was like an eternal war of meeting enmity with enmity. A negative approach. But the Nutrient Energy in a positive war—a war for health, for conscious chemistry, which indirectly turns the war against the disease, creation of disease and against symptoms of diseases and that way wages a direct war for life-system and indirect war against anti- life system.

It took us five decades to come to a stage from where we can erase the fear of cancer from the minds of mankind. After years of experiment and observations, we discovered that the best and safest cures for human ailments can be found in kitchens of every household and not in disease creating drug-kingdom. Innumerable successful tests and trials have confirmed today that Ancient Ayurveda based Nutrient Energy treatment can help in fighting cancer and can save lives from the clutches of death.

During the last Fifty years, D.S. Research Centre has achieved many feats. But in front of us lays a long road to traverse. Because, throughout the world, at any point of time, innumerable patients suffer from the curse of cancer. Our journey will end when there will be none. We welcome all to join this fight without any prejudices and the day will not be far away when Cancer will be history.

Come let us save our world from Cancer.

Prof. S. S. Trivedi
(Founder Scientist - DS Research Centre)


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