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The cause of mortality of man has been haunting every intellectual ever since the advent of human civilization. This perturbing fact has been the cause for endless research and Invention of remedies to lengthen human life. A few of such inventions has been successful but to a certain limit.

The view of the scientists of D.S. Research Centre is to derive such treatments that will not target just a single disease but will heat the overall health of the sufferer by increasing the immune factor which in return will strengthen the body enough to fight any disease that has affected it. Their views say that this is possible with the help of Ancient Ayurveda Based Nutrient Energy Treatment. If intense research is done on this vast subject we can find endless remedies to many incurable diseases.

D.S. Research Centre has a far sighted vision to reach its inventions to ever/ ailing life. To free the world from Cancer is our first priority and no stones would be kept unturned to fulfill this mission.

Mr Ashok K. Trivedi


Varanasi :

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