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“Wellness is precious than wealth", with this platitude, the journey began in the year 1965. During that year, young and healthy Daya Shankar Tiwari all of a sudden fell ill and within eight days he passed away without the ailment being diagnosed or being given any proper treatment. This incident stirred two visionaries, Dr. Uma Shankar Tiwari and Prof. Shiva Shankar Trivedi (elder brothers of Daya Shankar) and since then they worked relentlessly to find the solution for some of the gravest diseases from the ancient Ayurvedic texts, which the rest of the world thought was incurable. This is how the journey of D. S. Research Centre began.

Forerunner of this institution, Dr. Uma Shankar Tiwari and Prof. Shiva Shankar Trivedi has succeeded in revolutionizing and changing the whole spectrum of traditional treatment. Their effort is characterized by emergence of a new direction in medical science, evolution of a novel principal that is natural human edibles are the only source and reservoirs of preventives and curatives. Research proved that many severe ailmentscan be treated using this revolutionary way of treatment.

The organization was then a small family, effort, which begins its arduous journey without not much resource, but an enormous dedication and positivity to create an impact in the world of treatment of incurable diseases. The contribution of D.S. Research Centre towards cancer treatment has not only created stir in India but also reached to international countries. D. S. Research Centre has endeavored to bring back several deathbed cancer patients back to normal life. It has stretched the life span as well as the general health of numerous Stage IV cancer afflicted persons, who were gradually succumbing to dismay. It has bestowed many with hope, health and happiness and in the coming days will continue to do so.

At D.S. Research Centre , our primary goal is to transform scientific breakthroughs into innovative cancer treatments. Our researchers and medicos work in comprehensive teams dedicated to ultimately treating multiple types of cancer. Scientists, Ayurvedacharya, Dietitians, medical oncologists, and pharmacology work together to turn discoveries into personalized therapies that will benefit cancer patients throughout the world.

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In the joint collaboration, CRO (CLINIC RESEARCH ORGANIZATION) of Jadavpur University and D.S. Research Centre will test the efficacy of Ancient Ayurveda treatment to deliver the promising and strong reason of hope to the cancer sufferer. From qualified consultants with years of combined experience in Ancient Ayurveda based cancer research, the service of our friendly skilled team of Ayurvedachryas, Dietitians and oncologist reflects great expertise in cancer treatment.

Currently, our clinics throughout India are treating cancer successfully in Varanasi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Soon, we will be able to help out the cancer patients in Singapore, Dubai & Australia. D.S. Research Centre today dedicates all its services to uproot the fatal fear of cancer. It has just one message for all "COME LET US SAVE OUR WORLD FROM CANCER"


Varanasi :

PH. +91 9984014141/ +91 542 2394141 / 2276098
FAX-+91 542 2394142
Email: varanasi@dsresearchcentre.org

Kolkata :

Kolkata D. S. Bhawan
P-26,C.I.T.Road,Scheme-VI M
PH: +91 33 4016 4141
FAX: +91 33 4016 4146
Email: kolkata@dsresearchcentre.org

Guwahati :

PH: +91 361 2654140/2654144/6014141
FAX: +91 361 2654151
Email: guwahati@dsresearchcentre.org

Bangalore :

53,Shirdi Sai Mandir Road
Cambridge Layout
Bangalore: 560008
Ph:+91 80 4341 4141
Fax:+91 80 4341 4143
Email: bengaluru@dsresearchcentre.org

Mumbai :

1B, 32 Corporate Avenue
Mahakali Caves Road
Andheri East, Mumbai-400093
( Near paper box industry )
PH: +91 22 4248 4141
FAX: +91 22 4248 4142
Email: mumbai@dsresearchcentre.org

Agartala :

28, Gorkha Basti
Kunjaban, Agartala
Tripura(West)- 799006
Phone +91 381 2304303
Email: dsrctripura@gmail.com

Hyderabad :

D.S. Research Centre
Delta Seacon (B104),
Road No.-11 (Opposite lane of Care Hopsital)
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 500034
Phone +91 040 46664141
Email: hyderabad@dsresearchcentre.org